Tuesday - December 6, 2016
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- Critical Information about the AT&T phase out of 2G Service -  

AT&T announced that it will phase out its 2G data network. This sunset affects every customer using a 2G device on the AT&T network, not just OmniSite’s customers.

The sunset date is set for December 31, 2016. On this date all devices connected to an AT&T mobile network must be capable of running on at least the 3G spectrum. This will enable AT&T to free up bandwidth and add capacity to its 3G and LTE mobile Internet network.

OmniSite is dedicated to keeping all devices online while transitioning every active device before the sunset date. We have a full plan in place, click on the '2G Sunset Information' link on the Dashboard page to read all the detailed information on our plan to transition every active device before the sunset date.

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GuardDog callout list SMS recipients no longer require a cellular carrier.
Now you can enter SMS recipients for your callout lists without selecting a cellular carrier.

New Weather Information
The Weather Informatin in GuardDog is now provided by Weather Underground. There are new images to indicate conditions and the forecast is an easy to understand text format.