Tuesday - April 25, 2017
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- New Callout Plan Scheduling -
Users can now setup schedules for callout lists. This is great for setting notifications per shift or per an on-call schedule. You will find this new setting under the Setup > Callout Plan Schedule menu.

For help on this new feature, please visit our help page.

- AT&T 2G Service has been shutdown ! -
On January 1, 2017 AT&T officially turned off it's 2G network. If you have not upgraded your OmniSite units at this time, your equipment will not be monitored. OmniSite is dedicated to keeping your devices working. Call Technical Support at 317-885-6330 (Option 3) to discuss the options we have available to upgrade your devices.

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GuardDog callout list SMS recipients no longer require a cellular carrier.
Now you can enter SMS recipients for your callout lists without selecting a cellular carrier.

New Weather Information
The Weather Information in GuardDog is now provided by Weather Underground. There are new images to indicate conditions and the forecast is an easy to understand text format.